10 Warning Signs Of Mold Toxicity Everyone Should Know

Did you know that a great number of people are exposed to toxic mold every single day?

They are usually exposed by touch, breathing or ingestion – and the worst thing about it is they don’t even know it. The mold is a silent and a dangerous threat for us all. Doing a test for mold toxins in the body is obligatory!

Mold in house causes illness. Exposure to damp and moldy environments may cause a variety of health effects, that’s why toxic mold found in homes is dangerous and impacts your health negatively.

Types of toxic mold:

There are several types of toxic mold in homes that can harm your health, and the most common one are: Allergenic molds, Pathogenic molds, Toxic molds.

Some of the common types of black mold are: Stachybotrys, which is known as black mold and is one of the more dangerous toxic mold species. We find Black mold usually inside a house.

Memnoniella is also referred to as black mold, it is similar to Stachybotrys and has the same impacts. The difference is that Memnoniella differs in that when viewed under a microscope, its spores are released in chains, Stachybotrys on the other hand releases spores that are in clumps. Etc.

There are several tips for toxic black mold or stachybotrys remediation and removal such as using antimicrobial products while cleaning toxic mold.

Here are 10 Warning Signs of Toxic Mold That You Should Definitely Be Aware of:

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